Stamp Pad

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Stamp Pad

Hi-Seal Un-Inked Stamp pad. Artline EAGU-3

Stamp Pad

Un-inked high sealed stamp pad.Industrial and office used high seal stamp pad for quick dry permenen

Pocket size Thumb Print Pad-#SM-2

Pass/ID/Badges & Accessories

Pocket Thumb Print Pad SM2. 40mm Diameter with cover. Fade & water proof, non stain ink in Black. 

Stamp Pad No.0

Stamp Pad

Rubber stamp pad size: 56mm x 89mm,Blue,Black,Red,Green ,Violet & Uninked

Stamp Pad No.00

Stamp Pad

Rubber stamp pad size: 40 x 63mm.Blue,Black,Red,Green ,Violet & Uninked.

Stamp Pad No.1

Stamp Pad

Rubber stamp Pad size: 107mm x 67mm.Blue,Black,Red,Green ,Violet & Uninked.

Stamp Pad No.2

Stamp Pad

Rubber stamp pad size: 140 x 85mm,Blue,Black,Red,Green ,Violet & Uninked.

Micro Pore Stamp Pad-#SM-1


Thumb Print Pad SM1. High density stamp pad for sharp print. Instant dry. Pad size: 45mm x 65mm.