0.3mm Mechanical Pencil Zebra Tect 2 way

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0.3mm Mechanical Pencil Zebra Tect 2 way

Technical Drawing Supply

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O.3mm mechanical pencil with shaker and click lead advance system (Teck 2way).Pinpointed for precision line work. Especially with templates and word templates. Metal jacketed sleeve for strong lead pressure. Solid weight balanced and elegant design for professionals and students. This metal grip and resin upper body mechanical pencil offer two ways to advance the lead: the traditional click advance and the shaker mechanism.  The striped padding that surrounds the tip of the pencil gives you a comfortable grip. You have the option to turn the shaker mechanism on and off by twisting the ring above the grip.  If the shaker is off, the pencil will work as a traditional click advance pencil. This item also available in 0.5mm, and 0.7mm.